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Preparing a proposal can be a time consuming and costly process.  Any resource that gives your company an edge is invaluable.  Whether you need to prepare an entire proposal or just need to augment sections, our expertly development proposal and bid documents can help “you win” the next contract. If you hired a firm or proposal writer to prepare proposals, the cost would range from $5,000 to $75,000.

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Proposal and Bid Document Basics

Our Proposal and Bid Documents are detailed model templates which include refined content for developing a comprehensive proposal for use by business owners or proposal writers.   Companies can realize significant savings in proposal costs and time!

The Proposal Template is ready to be customized to meet customer requirements, standard formats, and writing guidelines and instructions. The following proposal sections are offered:

RFQ Complete Standard Proposal Template

Technical Approach Proposal Template

Management and Staffing Plan Template

Quality Control Plan Template

Optional Support Services Proposal Template

Understanding of Task

Client Support

Contract Management


Business Process Re-Engineering

Solution / Technical Approach

Phone Support

Quality Assurance Plan


Database Security Analysis

Management Plan

Help Desk

Task Order Management

Quality Lines Of Reporting

Implementation Planning

Contract Start-up Plan

General Office Automation

Program Management Plan

Surveillance Methods & Reporting

Enterprise Engineering

Pre-award Activities Plan


Contract Start-up Plan

Management Practices

Data Processing

Communication Plan

Network Support

Pre-Award Activities Plan

Contractor Requirements

Website Development

Quality Assurance Plan

New Software Installation And Version Upgrades

Post Award Activities Plan

Assessing Performance Results

Information Security Support

Contract Management

Database Systems Support

COTR Communication Plan

Surveillance Schedule

Special Database Studies

Surveillance Methods & Reporting

Technical Writing Expertise

Expense and Cost Control Plan

QA Review procedures


Past Performance References

Documentation Quality And Consistency

Project Control Plan

QA Control Point, Trigger And Activities Plan

Independent Testing, Verification, And Validation

Past Performance Matrix

Support For Presentations


Plan Stage QA Process & Requirements Plan

Network Integration

Price Proposal




Disaster Recovery Services






















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RFQ Complete Proposal Template

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Technical Approach Template:



Management and Staffing Plan Template:



Quality Assurance & Control Plan Template:



Optional Support Services Template:



All Proposal Templates - Special Pricing
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  • Allow writers to focus on critical customer-centric aspects of the proposal and maximize evaluation points
  • Developed from winning proposal language; you can be sure that content has been tested in winning proposals
  • Give your writers a head-start so they can complete the section as opposed to start the section.
  • Improve proposal consistency and quality
  • Save 30% to 60% of typical proposal writing effort - cost and time


  • Provides a more effective way to transform the Work Statement in the RFP into a clear and understandable work hierarchy in the technical approach/ solutions section of a proposal
  • Tailor Proposal and Bid Templates to meet solicitation-specific requirements
  • Language derived from winning proposals
  • Built using Microsoft Word

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